Some of the inspirations for TitlePager were the amazing catalog pages that Random House, Workman, Springer, and several other publishers make for their books. They are feature filled and really well-designed but they are still catalog pages.  Even those authors lucky enough to be published by those houses don’t always use them in their promotional activity. These pages have other things going on, they promote other books, have complicated URLs, and depending on the author they don’t keep up with reviews, events, and media mentions. For the thousands of authors who don’t have those pages we think that we offer an alternative that puts you on par with those pages and greatly ease the burden of feeling like you are inventing the wheel in making your own site.

We’ve also built in support for those pages since an author can link to them in a myriad of ways. They can add them as a social link, and they can add them as an optional BUY LINK complete with their publisher’s icon.

Publisher catalog pages vs. TitlePager