Every TitlePager site can have either a custom titlepager sub-domain or it can be set up to work with an owned URL.

TitlePager Subdomains

After publishing a site TitlePager let’s users choose or even create their own sub-domain. This could be the book’s title or the author’s name. The custom domain can be bookname.titlepager.com or something else like yourname.titlepager.com if you prefer. You can use this URL in your signature and marketing materials.

TitlePager domain flattening

If users own a URL that they want to use they just need to let us know and then make a CNAME and A Record change to their account settings at their domain name registrar.

They can also forward or mask their urls to their custom sub-domain names.

However they want to do it we are here to help.

Using Custom Domain Names With TitlePager

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