TitlePager Fruitful by Sarah HuckTitlePager makes beautiful marketing websites for books. Part of the idea for the service came from our making sites for authors. Building feature filled pages for them required custom templates, and the addition of loads of plugins.  We wanted to make it easier for authors to highlight their books. Wix is a really great way to build author sites. It is easy to use and has some wonderful templates but it doesn’t do what TitlePager does so it is great that they can be combined to great effect.

TitlePager landing pages have loads of information and customization options that would be difficult to do on a Wix site without a lot of planning and some tricky coding.

We realize that many authors have sites where they could use really robust pages for their books. Lucky for all of us there is a very simple way to embed a TitlePager site into a site with a plugin.

Using the Wix HTML/iFrame App  To Embed TitlePager

Wix has an app that enables you to embed webpages on to Wix sites, it is called HTML/iFrame App and can be found in their app marketplace.  To use it you either enter a website address or some embed code. It enables site builder’s the ability to embed content on a Wix page using the URL or by adding an embed code. It can be used for TitlePages, video, googlemaps, and other types of content.

After installing the app you simply add the URL of your TitlePage into the app. You need to set the width and height as well.

After embedding it the page will retain it’s ability to react to and be read on mobile devices and tablets . We hope that the ability to embed the page on a Wix site is useful to lots of authors.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Wix – Add a TitlePager Marketing Page To An Author Site